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I just wanted that guy to go out like a fucking gladiator and literally, he did. To me that’s the thing that Jax holds onto in season 6 and season 7, which is; “This guy believed that I should be at the head of that table. This guy believed that I’m supposed to be in this club, and his gift to me was "I am going to sacrifice myself so you can fulfill your destiny as president of that club." Kurt Sutter

Gemma & Tig [2/2]



Sons of Anarchy | Season 5 Bloopers

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hey, baby jesus, here comes some shit

You Italian SoA convention people are making it really hard for me to keep saying no

First Kim, then Theo, and now Tommy is coming! 

I’m gonna be strong and not go to a first ever Italy convention, but man it’s hard with those three amazing guests :P

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Susie: “I thought you liked that guy?”
Cherry: “I do.”
Susie: “Well then, why did you sleep with that old dude?”
Cherry: “Cause that’s what we do.”
Susie: “You mean, you just, you just sleep with whoever they tell you to?”
Cherry: “I take care of them and they care of me, it’s a family.”