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We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else. We’re just better human beings when we’re with the person we’re supposed to be with. I wasn’t supposed to leave…I belong here.

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handsy *cough* much? *cough*

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courtney love to play pivotal role 


love’s character will take interest in abel which will spark an interesting reaction from boy’s mother, wendy


jax most likely crewing love’s character


wendy is now a series regular


marilyn manson to play an inmate


me at the spoilers this season






official cast of soa s7:

  • marilyn manson
  • gary busey
  • ben franklin impersonator
  • the one wahlburg who works at a restaurant
  • kris jenner
  • aaron carter to replace charlie hunnam

you forgot:

  • ina garten replacing…
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#tara week: anything goes  facial expressions;








[[personal opinion here: bad writing has never happened in SOA, Sutter is a god. Just because your favorite character was killed off or didn’t go in the direction you wanted them to does not mean that the writing is bad. Sons Of Anarchy is one of the best written shows on air right now ]]

So the rampant misogyny, and complete lack of character development for a majority of characters in the latter couple seasons. That’s all ‘good writing’? Sorry, I can’t get behind that.

At the risk of starting some shit….I’m not even going to touch this with a ten foot pole….but "bad writing has never happened on SOA"….just says everything you need to know.



Excuse me while I pretend this post is from 2012 and then I will agree with you.


So the rampant misogyny, and complete lack of character development for a majority of characters in the latter couple seasons. That’s all ‘good writing’? Sorry, I can’t get behind that.

Oh I’m sorry are we watching a show about bunnies hopping in a field of flowers? No. We’re watching a show about OUTLAW BIKERS. You know what I’d prefer for my favorite character not to have development because either they get worse or they die. 

this isn’t a show about women. this has never been a show about women. mc culture and the mc world has ALWAYS been predominantly male dominated and whether you like it or not, female bikers, while not a rarity anymore, are rare in the outlaw subsection of bike culture. i’m not using big words to sound pretentious. the biker community is big, and it’s divided into a lot of different communities that separate themselves one from the next. riding clubs, bike clubs, motorcycle clubs, police riding clubs, weekend warriors (still members of the biker community, not the mc world), and then you have the the outlaw bikers.

there are no women hells angels. there never will be female hells angels, outlaws, pagans, bandidos, etc. whether or not you’re mad your fav was killed off you have to realize it’s not the writing on this show you’re mad at. i can find a dozen things the writers have screwed up or failed to keep up with over the seasons but that’s not why you’re hating. if your fav was still alive these posts wouldn’t exist. the fact is, if you wanna talk about realism or bad writing, talk about the fact that gemma is written like one of the men when, in reality, she would never be allowed anywhere near the information hells angels discuss amongst themselves in church or elsewhere.

you wanna talk about bad writing? by all means, but give me concrete examples. i’ll start: gemma teller.

♚  tara knowles appreciation life week ♚  anything goes → “Love me.”

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Tara Knowles Week - One Location (The Kitchen Floor)

♚  tara knowles appreciation life week ♚  one episode → 6x10 | “Huang Wu”

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