Socially awkward Dutch resident born in the 80's. Tv show fanatic, movie lover, music listener, photoshop enthusiast, always carrying a camera around, nail polish addict, in need of more clothes & shoes, never been to the Ikea, loves to laugh and everyone who can make me do so, full-time employee, trying to be my own person, be a grown-up.


3rd of the world!
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"If you can take one thing from the set when the show wraps, what would it be? And guys you can’t say your cuts because that’s too easy." [X]

You know that feeling when you’re so angry you want to cry

There are certain people in the world who don’t take any responsibility for any of their actions, and there are no consequences whatsoever. No matter how much they fuck up… Well my brother is one of those lazy assholes and I’m over it.

Aaaaand one follower down…

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Tommy Flanagan at #sdcc with a special shoutout for all the #soafx fans [X]

Congrats to Germany for winning the cup!

Great job! Really.. haven’t seen the entire game, but I was rooting for my European neighbours XD

(p.s. how in the world did Messi get his hands on that Golden Ball. He srsly wasn’t great in this World Cup. Undeserved if you ask me… but no one asked me :P)

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Can I just say, as someone who doesn’t like Tara or Gemma or Jax, that Tara deserved every bad thing that happened to…


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I really want to make a certain requested gifset

But going through all the SoA seasons and episodes is just sooo tiring. That’s why I love it when people just request a certain scene. It makes things easier :P

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Look at those sweet Brazilian fans cheering for us

That’s nice to see!

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Told you ;)

Good job bb’s. Well played.

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We are so gonna be 3rd of the world

Watching the WC

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I am proud of our little country. Well played, both teams. It sucks but we got so far *applause for Holland*

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O M G Crying…Penalty kicks … again

Dear Lord I am still recovering from the ones against Costa Rica.

Do it bb’s! I have faith in you all!

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