Socially awkward Dutch resident born in the 80's. Tv show fanatic, movie lover, music listener, photoshop enthusiast, always carrying a camera around, nail polish addict, in need of more clothes & shoes, never been to the Ikea, loves to laugh and everyone who can make me do so, full-time employee, trying to be my own person, be a grown-up.


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Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.
- Johnny Depp (via enemaroberts)
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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them



When you’re watching a new episode of your favorite show and someone tries to get you to do something:


That is so accurate that’s it’s scary.

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Kim Coates and Theo Rossi at Comic Con 2014 for Sons of Anarchy

Jordan Gavaris responds to a fan’s story about how Orphan Black helped her come out because the character Cosima is not reduced to her sexuality. (x)


Applying for jobs is starting to feel a lot like


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shit wrong blog
- every tumblr user with a side blog (via thatspookyjohnkid)
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Why do I have to be so socially awkward? I just want friends. BE MY FRIEND


why the fuck does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal i’d find a way to erase my student debt and also probably steal a bunch of new clothes


I wanna be

where the people are


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So I was wondering if anyone else was aware of this but if you hold           ”Z” + “C” (“alt” + “C” for mac) this comes up so you can literally post something while you’re in the middle of your dash and you won’t have to open a new tab or go back to the top.

((credit goes to the 3 year old who thought it would be funny to hit my keyboard while she watching me scroll through tumblr))

Holy fucking shit tumblr developers did something actually useful

^and failed to mention it to their users, rendering it useless until accidentally discovered by a toddler

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So I did this thing here

Name: Miriam
Western Star Sign: Virgo 
Chinese Zodiac (Animal): Ox(the logical)
Western Element: Earth (stability)
Chinese Element: Wood
Mercury (inconstant)
Yin-Yang Symbol: Yin
Celtic Druid Zodiac: Lime Tree (the doubter)
Birthstone: Sapphire (serenity)
Divine Number: Four (the manager)
Season: Summer
Divine Color: Lime (the loyal)
Day of the Week: Monday

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People that missed the first 30 minutes of the game like


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