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Sam + Blood

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— surely heaven waits for you


Dean + favourite traits [3/5]
↳ Knowledge of pop culture


2x22 // 9x23

this is the saddest gifset i’ve ever giffed and i’m still crying.

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"If Dean’s got a secret, Dean’s secret is he wants a really normal family. And it’s kind of really heart breaking for me. Like it wasn’t a funny scene, but it became really heart breaking. We have this character who is telling Dean like, “Let’s go have this picnic and we’ll pick up Ben from baseball,” just the most suburban mini van life ever, and that’s what he wants. And his embarrassment that Sam is watching it, and you get the sense that he’s had this dream all the time, but he’s like embarrassed, “Oh no I’ve never had this dream before,” and it really just kinda breaks your heart in the middle of this fast moving episode." Eric Kripke

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There ain’t no me, if there ain’t no you.

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Minimalist: Team Free Will

winchester logic › part two


If it means anything, sometimes I wish you could too.

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